new4June 10, 1952: Rose Mary (Mrs. Charles)          Hudak,thirtyseven, is sitting in the front parlor of her mother’s farmhouse six miles south of Elyria, Ohio. She’s looking out a large picture
window, dreamily watching a languid country evening unfold. The stars are bright, even beautiful. At approximately 8:30 pm, her heart skips a beat; she sees a large round, silvery white, ball-likeobject fly through the air. She’s startled enough to call out to the kitchen, but before anyone else can arrive the object has vanished. She’s the only one who saw it. She knows the government has been asking around, but she never thought twice about it, not until now. Even a phone call to her sister doesn’t calm her down. Am I crazy I asked myself?
– from Lost in Wonder (book)